Polar I delivers the highest resolution 2D images for defect detection down to 40µm

Our advanced imaging algorithm manipulates angles of polarization to produce x, y and z surface normals for ultra high resolution 2D images and 3D point clouds.

A capture technology that easily integrates into existing infrastructure.

Increase resolution by a factor of 10x 

Superior long range visibility for detailed data at distance for aerial mapping and target identification.


The image above was taken with a 1.25MP camera and a 100mm lens.

Terrific at long range

The image  was take in a zero LUX environment.

Terrific low light capabilities with out the need for IR or illumination. ROV and UAV testing is currently being conducted. 

Captured By Camera.                                                        Polar I Results 

Superior low light capabilities without

IR or illumination.

Non contact detection down to 40µm for biometrics, industrial defect inspection, facial recognition, medical imaging and metrology.

4 Angles of Polarization Captured

Post processed depth normal

Drone capture at a distance of 200 yards. 

Ultra high resolution 3D enhancement using polarized surface normals 

JAI announces new polarized Go Series camera. Click on image for additional details. 

Polar I and JAI Partnership

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