The most advanced single camera imaging system available.

Polarization - Computational Imaging - Deep Learning - Machine Vision  

Using a cots camera and our advanced imaging algorithms Polar I manipulates angles of polarization to produce x, y and z surface normals. 

A capture technology that easily integrates into existing infrastructure.

Terrific at long range

Superior long range visibility for detailed data at distance for aerial mapping and target identification.


The image above was taken with a 1.25MP camera and a 100mm lens.

Terrific low light capabilities with out the need for IR or illumination. ROV and UAV testing is currently being conducted. 

The image  was take in a zero LUX environment.

Captured By Camera.                                                        Polar I Results 

4 Angles of Polarization Captured

Post processed depth normal

Drone capture at a distance of 200 yards. 

JAI announces new polarized Go Series camera. Click on image for additional details.  Gige PoE and USB3 interfaces

Polar I  Sony Polarized Sensor Polarsens imx250mzr

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