Polarization Capture & Computational Imaging / Surface Defect Detection and Federal ISR  

Using a commercially available camera and our advanced imaging algorithm, Polar I Pro, manipulates angles of polarization to produce x, y and z surface normals. 

A capture technology that easily integrates into existing infrastructure. Capex friendly. 

Advanced Machine Vision for Surface Inspection

Polar I Pro offers a machine vision solution  for detecting various types of surface defects based on polarization technology and classifications of defects based on client needs. 

Automated Solution: Human inspection has been used to identify defects on surfaces of displays or automotive parts. However, inspectors’ mood or working conditions  can negatively affect the detection accuracy and repeatability, and often times, it is very time consuming and not cost effective. Our automated inspection solution provides robust surface defect detection with very high degree of repeatability and reliability. Major steps for the inspection system are described below.

  1. Captures detail information of defects such as shapes, sizes, depth, and locations by polarization-based advanced imaging camera system.

  2. Extracts useful features from preprocessed images using some state-of-art machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural-network models.

  3. Utilize low and high level features to identify location and boundary of defects and classify them according to their types with pass/fail reports based on the judgment criteria.

Captured By Camera.                                                        Polar I Pro Results 

Measuring at low light (<0.01nit) requires very high sensitive imaging sensors, but the Polar I Pro solution achieves the required sensitivity by enhancing the low light visibility from the normal camera captures.

Terrific at long range

Small form factor allows for industrial installations, drone or UAV and ROV"S for subsea imaging. 

Drone capture at a distance of 200 yards. 

4 Angles of Polarization Captured

Post processed depth normal

Federal ISR Opportunities:

- Detect, Track and Identify

- ROV and UAV Compatible

- Long Range Surveillance

- Mapping and Recon. 

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Polar I  Sony Polarized Sensor Polarsens imx250mzr

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